i c

I just learned that IBM has renamed OS/400 again. It was called i5/OS last year, but this year they renamed it


Yes, the letter ‘i’ in lower-case. IBM i.

Fabulous! That’s going to be really great for searching for information, isn’t it? Hardly any web pages contain the letter ‘i’ on its own, or sentence bridges like “…I downloaded the patch from IBM. I then…”

It’ll work especially well in IBM Lotus Notes, where searches are case-insensitive and punctuation-insensitive unless you reindex the entire database with non-default settings.

I also look forward to the support calls. “There seems to be some corruption in the database, the OS field says ‘i’.” “Yes, the machine is running ‘i’.” “A running eye?” “It’s running IBM i.” “The letter ‘i’?” “Yes, the OS has a 1-letter name which is a lower case ‘i’.”

Somehow I get the feeling this is going to be the best renaming since that UK railway company called itself ‘one’.

Ah well, I’m sure they’ll change it again next year.

[Opinions mine, not IBM’s.]