Video game idea

Imagine the following team-based First Person Shooter:

The map is a realistic model of a school, complete with blind spots and separated buildings.

Random AI-controlled schoolchildren are everywhere, acting unpredictably as they panic and try to run to safety.

Most of the players are randomly assigned to play one of the following (adult avatar) roles:

  • Armed uniformed police officer.
  • Armed teacher.
  • Armed parent who happened to be visiting the school.
  • Armed uniformed school guard.
  • Unarmed teacher (can improvise melee weapons).
  • Unarmed parent (can improvise melee weapons).

Other than the uniformed police officers, the only thing identifying the adults is a 3"x2” ID badge with some writing on, readable only at close range.

One player is picked to be the mass shooter. He either looks like a random student, or like a random adult. He can choose whether to use a pistol or a rifle. He is allowed a fake ID badge.

The “good guys” have no radios to coordinate their response with, other than the cops, who can talk to other cops. Voice chat at close range is supported, but the game also generates ambient screaming and begging from the AI-controlled children.

Gunshots in the game have a realistic chance of causing death.

Once the mass shooter has been stopped, the game totals up the carnage and assigns scores.

I think this would be very educational and maybe someone should build it.