Plague journal 8

Ready to do something else

So the answer to “How long would it be before mathew decided he’d quite like to leave the house and interact socially with some people?” is “About 8 days”. I haven’t changed much in that respect. My parents used to have to literally force me to play with other kids. I’d be quite happy with a book or a giant box of LEGO, but they’d take me out to playdates whether I wanted it or not.

Someone who was in one of rothko’s classes has tested positive. It’s possible they were infected at the time they attended the last class, but more likely that they caught the disease afterwards as the time to symptoms is typically closer to a week per the reports I’ve seen. A friend who works at the airport was symptomatic and got tested, but test results are currently taking 6-7 days because the labs are backed up. In the mean time they’ve recovered somewhat and the current symptoms don’t seem so much like COVID.

New York state has over 10,000 coronavirus cases, about half the country’s total. New York City is about 2-3 weeks from running out of key medical supplies.

It occurs to me that assuming most of the population gets infected eventually, and assuming the estimated fatality rates are correct, I probably know at least one person who will die of COVID-19. I’ve seen other people talk about the AIDS epidemic of the 80s, but I don’t think I knew anyone who died of AIDS; my gay friends were all too nerdy or too young or both. (Sorry guys, but you know it’s true.)