About this site

and also the author

Hi, I’m mathew, and this is my web site. Jakob Nielsen believes that omitting a photo of the author is one of the top 10 mistakes in weblog usability, so who am I to argue?

I started using the Internet around 1987; I remember Jakob’s Hypercard stack, as it was one of the first cool things I downloaded. I was introduced to Unix the following year, accidentally typed rn instead of rm one day (true story), and the rest is history.

I’ve been doing my best to gather together the worthwhile content I’ve written since then. It’s an ongoing process, but the archives genuinely go back to 1988. Of course, what I consider worthwhile may look like crap to you, but it’s all categorized and searchable so hopefully you can find something of interest.

Over the years I’ve done all kinds of work, most of it involving computers in some way—telephone technical support, data recovery, system administration, a bit of sales and marketing, application development, hardware maintenance, networking, web design, and so on. I’ve written code in well over a dozen different programming languages. I’m something of a generalist, a term I borrow from Ted Nelson, inventor of hypertext. His ideas inspired my choice of career—I built a primitive network hypertext system around 1985, wrote a browser in 1989, and wrote my first web page back in the days of HTML 1.0. I was rather startled when the rest of the world suddenly took an interest.

I currently live in Austin, Texas. Since being opinionated on the web hasn’t led to fame and riches, I work as a web architect.

Outside of computers, I’m interested in electronic music, photography, politics, design, video, and small fluffy animals. I also find physics and mathematics very interesting, but because my knowledge is broad rather than deep I tend to get lost soon after integrals get involved.